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We are fueled by an unwavering passion for crafting innovative products that redefine the market and bring value to every household.

Our Approach

Designing Products That Matter

Employing data-driven insights and in-depth trend research, we identify challenges and create products to solve them. Our comprehensive approach encompasses design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution, all characterized by our speed to market. We embrace an omnichannel distribution strategy, reaching audiences through various platforms, including television, OTT, internet, retail shelves and e-stores, Amazon, and other channels.

All Our Products are Designed & Developed in the USA

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Emson has developed numerous products that have become customer favorites, ranging from innovative cookware to safety-enhancing lighting solutions.

Learn How Our Products are Made

Research & Concept

It all starts with an idea. We identify an issue and brainstorm solutions to solve it. We analyze data, customer feedback, and industry trends to determine what’s needed. Once we generate the idea, we evaluate its potential marketability and alignment with company goals.

Design & Development

Upon concept approval, the product development phase begins. Our USA-based in-house team works on designing, engineering, and building the product. We develop and refine core features, design, and functionality. Prototypes and samples are created and thoroughly tested.

Manufacturing & Production

Product development begins with our manufacturing partners. Over the years, we’ve developed trusted relationships with overseas manufacturing firms. We provide them with detailed engineering plans, subjecting the products to strict quality control checks to guarantee quality and consistency.

Branding & Marketing

While the product is in production, we work on crafting a plan to build consumer engagement. This includes creating a brand identity and logo, as well as developing eye-catching packaging. We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses television, retail signage, digital, and print campaigns to raise awareness and grow the audience.

Launch & Distribution

Now we’re ready to introduce the product to the marketplace. Marketing campaigns are executed and distribution channels activated. We collaborate closely with our retail partners to place our latest products on retail shelves and online. At this stage, customers can purchase our products directly from you, contributing to an increase in your bottom line.


Offer Our Brands to Your Customers

We work with retailers nationwide, providing an extensive range to bring to shelves, both physical and online. From innovative kitchenware to trendsetting lighting, our innovative, affordable selection is designed to simplify your customers’ lives. Additionally, our marketing program is tailored to increase brand recognition and increase your sales.

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